New high-performance low power switch for Thunderbolt technology interface

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled its next-generation, high-performance switch supporting Thunderbolt technology developed by Intel Corporation. The CBTL05024 features 10 Gbps performance and enhanced signal integrity. In addition, the new switch exceeds the new low-power requirement for bus-powered Thunderbolt devices. NXP will showcase its Thunderbolt-based solutions at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum (IDF 2012) and samples of the CBTL05024 are now available to qualified customers.

The Thunderbolt interface consists of two 10.3 Gbps full-duplex data paths, and enables fast data transfers between PCs and peripheral and display devices. It concurrently supports data (PCI Express) and display (DisplayPort) connections over a single cable.

These high-speed switches are currently used in Thunderbolt connectors and are recommended for use in Intel reference designs, offering high performance, signal integrity, and a very low bill of materials. Featuring an integrated 10 Gbps Thunderbolt signal with no external PIN diodes, next-generation CBTL05024 are able to deliver advanced characteristics that enhance signal integrity and power efficiency, and is available in a very small HVQFN package.

“As Thunderbolt gains momentum in the industry, portable computing devices such as Ultrabook devices, notebooks and tablets will be able to do more than before – putting significant performance demands on the compact connectors and cables that connect them with displays, speakers, storage and other devices,” said Grahame Cooney, general manager of high-speed interfaces and clocks, watches and graphics drivers, NXP Semiconductors.


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