New GPS/GNSS RTK modules expand LOCOSYS Technology’s line of high performance, cost-effective positioning modules for 5G, IoT and VX2 applications

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning modules use a technique that uses carrier-based ranging and provides positioning data that is more precise than that available through code-based positioning solutions.

Since the launch of the world’s smallest RTK module (the LOCOSYS RTK-1010) last year, LOCOSYS Technology has continued to develop and expand new highly accurate and cost-effective positioning modules for RTK related applications that utilise 5G, IoT and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) networks.

The introduction of LOCOSYS’ RTK-1722-T, RTK-1612-DG, and RTK-1722-DG will give system designers multiple solutions for obtaining centimetre level positioning accuracy.

According to the 5G ITU-T G.8273.2 standard of Transport Application Specification, the standards of Class D Phase/Time should be in accordance with ±5ns accuracy. The LOCOSYS RTK-1722-T can deliver PPS timing accuracy of ±2ns, way ahead of what is currently available from other position modules currently available. With the reliance on 5G applications continuing to increase, the RTK-1722-T can help future-proof designs whilst helping Telecoms providers and manufacturers of Routers, Switches and Micro Base-Stations shorten development cycles and accelerate time-to-market.

Similarly, the requirements of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) can be satisfied with the RTK-1612-DG and RTK-1722-DG. Both modules have L1+L5 multi-frequency high-precision ADR/ UDR inertial navigation, enabling mobile vehicles to maintain centimetre-level positioning accuracy, even when satellite signals are disconnected.

The modules, which integrate a multi-frequency multi-constellation chipset, and high-precision multi-axis accelerometer and multi-axis Gyroscope dynamic algorithm, also have ‘intelligent learning’ capabilities to suit various vehicle environments, and can provide P/R/Y angle output value of high dynamic vehicle attitude at the same time.

Compared to general GPS positioning solutions, the RTK-1612-DG and RTK-1722-DG drastically improve performance, particularly for systems designers looking for low latency and anti-interference solutions, 100Mhz high update rate, ADR/UDR Auto Switch, and centimetre-level positioning accuracy.



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