New FPL3 radio modem simplifies long range telemetry for Pan-European markets

400mW radio modem simplifies long range telemetry for Pan-European markets.

The new Radiometrix FPL3 radio modem simplifies the design of long range wireless appliances that can be marketed in any European country. This highly integrated multi-channel radio with 400mW RF output power operates in the 869.4-869.65MHz frequency band, which is the only band permitted for license-free operation at up to 500mW in all EU countries.

The FPL3’s built-in modem minimises demand for external components. In addition, the modem has inverted-RS232 serial interfaces at 5V CMOS voltage level, which enables direct connection to a UART or host microcontroller without a driver or level shifter. The FPL3 also integrates firmware for managing data timing and formatting at the radio interface, which saves the user keying the transmitter on or off and ensures dependable link latency.

With maximum serial data rate of 9600 baud and radio range of more than 3km, depending on operating conditions, the FPL3 is a strong choice for new designs such as security systems, fire-warning systems, industrial controls or telemetry, asset tracking, and control of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The eight-channel radio is programmed for 869.475MHz and 869.565MHz in the EU, with channels 4-7 set to 869.50MHz for backward compatibility. The 67mm x 30mm x 12mm module operates from a single 5V supply, and draws 50mA in receive mode and 500mA when transmitting at 400mW (+26dBm) RF output power.

The FPL3 conforms to ETSI EN 300 220-2 (radio) and EN 301 489-3 (EMC) standards.

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