New force in technical power supply distribution, Fidus Power, signs pan-Euro agreement with Murata Power

Fidus Power, the technical power supply distributor specialising in innovative solutions and new products that benefit system designers as they seek to differentiate their end products, has signed a pan-European franchise agreement with Murata Power. The deal will enable the three-year old Aldermaston-based distributor to supply Murata’s range of medium and high power DC/DC, and AC/DC products.

A core strength of Fidus is the product knowledge and design-in support that it offers, and the deal with Murata will strengthen this as Fidus can now access Murata’s full suite of technical support resources.

Larry Tracey, director Fidus Power comments: “We are especially interested in bringing Murata’s new technology to our customers. Two recent examples of technology leadership products that have emerged from Murata Power are the very compact 1U D1U86P-W-220 AC/DC 2.2kW front end, and the PQC250 250W convection-cooled switching power supply, which is again space-saving.”

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