New FIDS software for passenger information at Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport has started to update its Flight Information Display System software (FIDS). In this context, DATA MODUL provides the fitting solution with its maXcs software, which is developed in-house.

The maXcs software has been an integral part of DATA MODUL’s portfolio for decades and has proven itself in numerous applications worldwide. The software is intuitive to use, easy to expand and adapt and can therefore be integrated extremely flexible into existing system architectures. Requirements for 24/7 operation 365 days a year and connection to a wide range of interfaces are just a few examples of customer requirements encountered again and again.

“Our maXcs software has already been used successfully for many years at airports worldwide for the visual presentation of passenger information and is particularly convincing thanks to its open, modular system architecture, which allows and simplifies individual adaptations to existing systems and interfaces. Thanks to its scalability, passenger information can be updated in real time, allowing travellers to be informed quickly and easily about any delays or changes of the departure gate, for example,” explains Kevin Schmidt, product manager for signage solutions at DATA MODUL.

When implementing the maXcs software at Stuttgart Airport, DATA MODUL placed particular emphasis on perfect interface functionality. Information such as flight data, weather data or information on public transport (ÖPNV) can be displayed clearly arranged using the software. It is also possible to integrate advertising. Interfaces to camera-based systems also enable reliable queue management, which can be used to display estimated waiting times.

“The biggest challenge when converting a passenger information system at an airport is to ensure that it does not interfere with regular operations. We are pleased to have DATA MODUL as a competent partner on our side to support us with the change of our FIDS system and to ensure smooth operations at all times,” said Fabian Braack, project manager at Stuttgart Airport.

You can find more information about our maXcs software on our website.

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