New family of Intel-based industrial mainboards from Fujitsu

Fujitsu have completed the market launch of a new family of mainboards based on Intel technology. The company, which is planning a full launch at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg, said that the new family had been optimised for industrial and semi-industrial applications. All the new boards support 4th generation Intel Core i processors.

The family includes the ATX mainboards D3235-S and D3236-S, the µATX mainboard D3221-S and the mini-ITX mainboard D3243-S, all from the Fujitsu Industrial Series, as well as the µATX mainboard D3222-B from the Fujitsu Extended Lifecycle Series for semi-industrial applications.

The new mainboards employ a variety of chipsets by Intel. The Intel H81 Express chipset is used on the D3235-S. Intel Q87 Express is used on the mainboards D3236-S, D3221-S, and D3243-S, as well as the semi-industrial D3222-B.

The Industrial Series mainboards offer a long product lifecycle of at least five years. This qualifies the mainboards for use in investment goods, including automation technology. This is complemented by a strict lifecycle management with revision control, ensuring early announcement of design changes.

In addition, the industrial mainboards are designed for 24/7 continuous operation in an extended temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. The D3222-B from the Extended Lifecycle Series, with its life cycle of at least three years, an equally strict lifecycle management, and a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius is aimed at manufacturers of medical computers, video surveillance solutions, and semi-industrial systems.

Due to a uniform set of controllers (chipset family, Ethernet, audio etc.), all the boards from the new family are equipped with compatible drivers. This gives integrators a high degree of flexibility for meeting the various requirements and budgets of their customers. The ATX and µATX boards from the new industrial mainboard family share an almost identical basic layout. Connectors such as RAM, SATA, internal USB, CPU socket, etc. are placed in exactly the same spots, ensuring interchangeability within the family.

In addition the design also offers a high degree of consistency with the layout of the preceding platform. This makes it easy for users to upgrade the platform while retaining the housing. All four boards from the Industrial Series are based on the same I/O layout. Other convincing features of the D3243-S mini-ITX include an internal 12V DC in as well as a mini-PCIe slot and an m-SATA slot. The latter can even be converted into a second mini-PCIe by changing the BIOS settings.

Commenting Peter Hoser, Sales Director OEM, Fujitsu said, “Users of industrial mainboards need sufficient planning reliability. With this fifth generation of industrial mainboards we are now able to offer the best possible successors for products from the preceding generation or even the one before that. Using consistent layouts and making a point of retaining proven functionalities while also integrating new ones, we significantly facilitate our customers’ switching to the latest Intel technology. The fact that we have added a mini-ITX industrial mainboard (D3243-S) to the portfolio now makes it possible for customers who need small IPC systems with Intel technology to switch to the trusted products made by Fujitsu. What is more, the competitively priced ATX model D3235-S with its H81 chipset provides an excellent basis for professional, yet cost-effective industrial PCs.”


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