New Enterprise Endurance class SSDs from Toshiba

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) is expanding its range of Enterprise-class SSDs with the launch of a new range of Enterprise Endurance SSDs which have been designed for use in business-critical server and storage platforms.

Using advanced 24nm eMLC (enterprise multi-level cell) NAND technology, the PX02SSx series is available with capacities of 100GB (PX02SSF010), 200GB (PX02SSF020), 400GB (PX02SSF040), 800GB (PX02SSB080).

Thanks to a novel use of the eMLC NAND, the drive is able to achieve random write speeds of up to 42KIOPS, random read speeds of up to 130KIOPS and increases eSSD endurance capability to 30 full drive writes per day (DWPD). These high-levels of endurance and performance make the drives suitable for applications such as data processing and online transaction applications.

The 2.5-inch {6.4 cm} drives feature a dual-port 12Gb/sec SAS interface and incorporate Toshiba’s proprietary Quadruple Swing-By Code (QSBC) for improved error correction and reliability. Cryptographic erase versions of the eSSDs are also available: PX02SSU010 (100GB), PX02SSU020 (200GB), PX02SSU040 (400GB), PX02SSQ080 (800GB).

The tidal wave of enterprise data continues to grow at an astonishing rate, and many businesses are struggling to balance this surge in data volume with the requirement for fast, effective and reliable storage. With the launch of the PX02SSx series, Toshiba has applied its industry-leading expertise to meet the constant access needs of the dynamic data environment in a modern business.


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