NEW Delta Elektronika 15kW to 900kW Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supplies

With the latest bi-directional power supply models; SM500-CP-90, SM1500-CP-30 and the SM70-CP-450All 3 models are also available for short term Hire.

Delta have extended their capabilities for 15kW per unit to 900kW. Standard feature for this supply is Delta’s new Power Recovery (Regeneration) Technology: in sink mode these bi-directional power supplies can return full power back into the grid and thanks to an efficiency of 95%, there is no need for expensive water cooling systems. The flexible output covers the output range of five separate power supplies with a traditional rectangular VI-Curve.

Some of the SM15K Series Features/Functionalities include:

  • Bi-Directional power supply with standard 15kW source and sink (parallel operation to 900kW)
  • Flexible output with Constant Power characteristics
  • Power Regeneration Technology: in sink mode the PSU returns the energy back into the grid
  • Easy Master/Slave parallel & series operation up to 300kW
  • Very low heat dissipation. Efficiency is more than 95%. No need for expensive cooling systems
  • Excellent dynamic responses to load changes including all-digital control to adapt regulation to match load type
  • Designed for long life at full power
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Operation on wide range of 3 phase AC input voltages
  • Ethernet interface, built-in sequencer and web interface are included
  • Large user display, menu driven operations
  • Durable digital encoders for voltage and current adjustment and menu operation
  • EMC surpasses CE requirements; low emission and high immunity
  • Low audible noise; temperature controlled by cooling fans

Line up:

Delta Elektronika SM70-CP-450 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 70V 0A – +/- 450A

Delta Elektronika SM500-CP-90 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 500V 0A – +/- 90A

Delta Elektronika SM1500-CP-30 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 1500V  0A – +/- 30A

Delta Elektronika’s power supplies are available for both sale and hire from Wokingham based Telonic Instruments Limited

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