New Deeter explosion proof stainless steel vertical float switch

The Deeter Group, a designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic sensors and control systems has announced the availability of a new Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch. The F/S FP is a stainless steel vertical float switch providing users with flexible options for sensing liquid level heights within a hazardous environment. The switch is customisable for different switching points and sensor lengths to suit the required application.

The new Explosion Proof F/S FP Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch is suitable use in high liquid pressures and may be used in gas or dust contaminated environments, is IP68 ingress protected and can be provided in custom lengths up to 4m.

The Deeter F/S FP uses reed switch sensors to provide up to 7 switch points on one stem. Custom options include mixed normally open and normally closed switch contacts and internal and external mounting options may be specified.

Neil Palmer, Sales Manager of Deeter Group, comments, “The development of our new explosion proof vertical float switch is in response to growing market demands for sensing in hazardous areas. Having our design and manufacturing based in the UK enables us to offer a rapid response to custom sensor requests.”

Typical applications for the new switch include, level sensing in hydraulic Fluid tanks, level sensing in Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) water holding and recycling tanks.

The Deeter Group product range includes a growing range of wireless sensor, network and control products, ATEX and standard level sensors level switches, float switches, continuous level sensors, 4-20mA level sensors, custom level sensors, water level sensors, liquid level sensors, tank level indicators, panel mounted displays, level controllers, wireless sensor systems.


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