New conductive elastomer engineering handbook is complete guide to EMI shielding

The latest edition of Parker Chomerics Conductive Elastomer Engineering Handbook has been updated, making it easier than ever to select the right materials and products for any EMI shielding application.

Comparing different materials and their benefits, the handbook features a quick reference guide showing common materials suitable for use in commercial and military applications. The guide lists common conductive elastomer materials together with appropriate fillers and binders for them.

It also assesses their level of shielding and corrosion resistance on aluminium and details whether the materials meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83528.

Information on the performance of sheets and extrusions has also been updated, with new test data on compression and deflection behaviour.

Another feature is the improved part number builder for moulded parts, making it easier to build the part number for the product the design engineer wants.

With an extensive section on conductive elastomer gaskets, advice on selecting materials for corrosion resistance, a detailed section on physical performance and a comprehensive catalogue of Parker Chomerics products, the Engineering Handbook is a complete guide to designing Conductive Elastomer applications.

Download your free copy of the Conductive Elastomer Engineering Handbook here: Engineering Handbook

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