New compact optical encoders use patented optical switching technology to deliver improved reliability

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) specialist EAO, has introduced a new range of optical encoders that set a new benchmark for compactness and reliability.

Manufactured by Grayhill Inc. the three devices in the 62xG range of optical encoders use  a patented optical switching technology that delivers a 2 bit digital quadrature output and are capable of over 1 million switching cycles, which together with a rugged enclosed metal body and a metal shaft ensures that the new optical encoders provide a more durable and more cost effective alternative to conventional mechanical encoders.


62AG Series

The 62AG Series products offers 16, 20, 24 or 32 pulses per revolution and the choice of pinned or flying lead connections in various standard lengths. Other options include high, low or no detent torque and a pushbutton.


62SG Series

With a low 7.5mm back panel depth requirement Grayhill has designed the 62SG Series of optical encoders specifically for space critical applications. The devices are available with high, medium and low detent torque options.


62NG Series

In addition to all the features of the 62AG Series 62NG Series encoders offer a non-turn pushbutton within the encoder shaft that ensures that any legend printed on the cap always remains upright when the encoder shaft is turned.


The new Grayhill 62xG range of optical encoders are part of an extensive encoder, joystick and rotary switch range supplied and supported by EAO Ltd.


For further information please contact:
Robert Davies, Marketing Manager,  EAO Ltd
Telephone: +44 1444 876845, e-mail:

About EAO.
EAO Ltd is the UK subsidiary of EAO AG., a Swiss, family-owned company founded in 1947. EAO has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality switches, keyboards, sophisticated control elements, and complete HMI control units and HMI Systems.EAO Ltd is also the principal representative for cooling fan specialist Sanyo Denki and Grayhill Inc a leading manufacturer of intuitive human interface components. EAO Ltd’s network of distribuors spans the entire UK and Ireland and its products are also detailed Farnell and RS catalogues

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