New compact IP68 connector for fast installation in tight spaces

In-line electrical connectors that offer high ingress protection tend to be both awkward and cumbersome to install. Before the connection can be made wires need to be passed through large, protective outer casings which require tooling to secure; this often means that the connectors will not fit into tight spaces to form a discrete connection.  

The mini-TEETUBE, with a diameter of only 23mm and a length of 68mm, incorporates an innovative design that sees the terminal block forming part of the external housing. The wire is inserted through each end of the connector and then secured into the terminal block; the terminal block features secure sealing and can be directly screwed to the connector’s entry points. The IP68 seal is then formed using the dome topped cable glands which form the entry points of the connector.

Terry Spriggs, Product Marketing Manager for Hylec-APL, comments: “The design of the product allows the user to form a waterproof connection without needing a secondary housing to protect the terminal. This reduces the product size and allows for quick installation in tight spaces.”

The mini-TEETUBE is available in 2, 3 or 4 pole options and can be supplied with a quick installation, wire piercing screw terminal block which makes it possible to secure the connection to IP68 standards in less than a minute. A mounting clip is also available for secure positioning of the product during installation.


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