New CMOS sensor aids simplification and downsizing of camera view systems

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new VGA, 1/4 inch CMOS image sensor for automotive applications including rear view cameras for parking assist systems, surround view systems and side view systems. The TCM5126GBA integrates a high dynamic range (HDR) function that reproduces high quality images of objects backlit by the sun and vehicle headlights. The CMOS image sensor boasts a pixel size of 5.6µm and a full resolution frame rate of 60fps.

The use of through-silicon-via (TSV) technology, which forms electrical interconnects through a silicon die, enables sensor to fit in a small chip-size package (CSP) 30% smaller than equivalent products. This in turn will contribute to the downsizing of view camera systems.

The sensor also incorporates a picture flip function that can flip output images horizontally and vertically, an on-screen display function that outputs parking guidelines together with the image, and a zoom function for use in rear view cameras in parking assist systems. The built-in timer function sustains output of images when the gear stick is shifted from reverse to forward, allowing drivers to see a continuous movie when reversing into a parking space.

Stand-alone operation support (SAOS) function enables the sensor to operate automatically when power is supplied without external microcontrollers, and will contribute to the simplification of automotive view systems.


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