New CILS ‘UL recognised’ durable label range helps manufacturers meet UL compliance

Computer Imprintable Label Systems Limited (CILS) has announced a significant launch of a new range of durable, printable blank labels enabling customers worldwide to print their own UL recognised component labels.

The new durable label range from CILS includes 30 different materials which have been tested and recognised by Underwriters Laboratories under UL 969 Marking and Labelling Systems standard ready for intended use on components sold in both the USA (PGJI2) and Canada (PGJI8). The new CILS labels directly benefit manufacturers as they remove the need for a product or component to be submitted to UL for label durability testing after the label has been applied, saving time and avoiding the associated fees. The new range of CILS labels are designed to perform in all industrial environments and conditions offering manufacturers a permanent labelling solution for marking products with specific safety-related information including electrical ratings, hazards, warnings, cautionary markings and installation instructions under the UL’s Component Certification Programme.

CILS managing director, Oliver Stockton commented: “We regularly help with urgent enquires where a label has not been considered as a component, has been overlooked, is not UL recognised, is recognised to the wrong standard, or is a later addition to an existing UL recognised product.

“Worst of all and where we receive the highest numbers of enquires is where the label purchaser did not know that the UL labels that they had bought only had approval for indoor use and fail on the intended application.

“We have worked closely with UL over the past 15 months to fully understand all of the UL labelling classifications relevant to our customers and matched this knowledge with the thousands of applications presented by our customers over the years to create a brand new range of 30 blank labels that carry PGJI2 approval in the US and PGJI8 in Canada.

“We are now perfectly positioned to satisfy our customers’ requests for blank durable labels that are both fit for purpose and meet customers UL approval criteria.

“This is just the first of several exciting, innovative UL based product launches over the coming weeks.”


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