New chipset to help drive innovation for tablets, phablets and handheld gaming devices

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched the industry”s first VESA’s embedded Display Port (eDPTM)-to-MIPI dual-DSI converter chipset. The new TC358860XBG chipset enables 4K2K ultra high definition (UHD) experiences on handheld electronic devices such as tablets, phablets and portable gaming systems.

By enabling 4K resolution displays to operate at low power, the TC358860XBG chipset has been designed to ensure the next generation of handheld products delivers the most advanced, highest-definition viewing experience available. It incorporates both video format conversion and compression technology to support 4K2K high-resolution displays.

Employing both high-speed serial interface industry standards with low power operation capability in one chip enables UHD 4K displays while maintaining handhelds’ low power consumption requirements. The chipset also delivers high refresh rates beyond the 60 frames per second (fps) needed to enable a “living room” quality gaming experience in a handheld gaming system.

 The TC358860XBG provides eDP incoming data (RX) support for VESA eDP v1.4. This includes eight types of bitrate support, ranging from 1.62 to 5.4 Gbps; maximum 1Mbps AUX channel support; and native and I2C-over-AUX transaction support. On the outgoing data side, the chipset supports MIPI dual-port DSI with maximum 1.0Gbps/lane link speed interface and a total data transfer capability of 8Gbps. The device is housed in a 5.0 x 5.0 mm FBGA65 package with 0.5mm ball pitch.

Samples of the TC358860XBG chipset are available now, with mass production slated to begin in March 2015.


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