New capacitor series offers high capacitance values in a small Footprint and low profile

KEMET, a manufacturer of tantalum, ceramic, aluminium, film, paper and electrolytic capacitors, has released three new series of tantalum chip capacitors: T488 Small Case Substrate Terminal MnO2, T527 Facedown Polymer, and T529 Small Case Substrate Terminal Polymer.

These miniaturised solutions, according to the company, offer the highest capacitance values (22uF to 220uF) currently available in both a standard 2012 (2.0mm x 1.2mm) and 3216 (3.2mm x 1.6mm) EIA case size with maximum package heights of as low as 1.0mm. In addition to offering a small footprint and low profile, advancements in counter-electrode technology and package design have resulted in the lowest ESR values available in the industry for these package sizes.

These products have been designed to offer a competitive total cost solution in applications that benefit from the exceptional volumetric efficiency of these series. Typical markets include computer/consumer and telecommunications and these devices are well-suited for decoupling and filtering in DC/DC converters to reduce voltage drop in ultrabooks, as well as audio circuits and power management of IC-s in tablets and smart phones. These series complement KEMET’s T528 capacitors.

“As mobile circuit designs continue to demand a wider range of high performance miniaturized capacitor solutions, KEMET is now releasing these new series to meet these demands,” said Chuck Meeks, KEMET Executive Vice President, Tantalum and Ceramic Business Groups. “These products are ideal for use in densely populated circuits, such as smart phones and digital cameras, where space restrictions do not allow for larger and more commonly available case sizes,” continued Meeks.


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