New Arm IP helps protect IoT devices from increasingly prevalent physical threats

IoT security is a multi-faceted problem with billions of diverse devices requiring a system-wide approach for protecting them. Today we add yet another critical layer of system protection to our portfolio by enabling SoC design teams to protect against close proximity attacks. You can read more about this news in this blog from Paul Williamson, vice president and general manager, IoT Device IP Line of Business, Arm.

These types of attacks include non-invasive side-channel attacks (SCA), tamper and fault-injection base-level security attacks, all of which could lead to the entire system being compromised. As new IoT use cases emerge, this protection won’t just be required for payment and identity applications, it will need to be integrated into smart lighting, connected door locks, smart meters or automotive applications.

Please note, this new Arm IP is designed to bring another layer of system protection against attacks requiring direct, physical contact with the SoC or close proximity to it, which are significantly different than remote-style attacks requiring malware installation such as Spectre and Meltdown.

The new Cortex-M35P processor:

  • The first processor in the Cortex-M family with designed-in tamper resistance used in billions of Arm SecurCore processors
  • Includes Arm TrustZone technology for robust software isolation
  • Follows the principles of Arm’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA)

Arm CryptoCell-312P and Arm CryptoIsland-300P: Enhanced security IP with SCA mitigation:

  • Two key pieces of our existing security IP, CryptoCell and CryptoIsland, are now available with technology to protect against a range of SCAs (including power and electromagnetic analysis)
  • Allows partners to license a hardened version of the IP in our security portfolio, incorporating Arm’s unique approach to SCA protection

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