New AdvancedTCA carrier board from VadaTech

VadaTech, a manufacturer of embedded boards and complete application-ready platforms, now offers a new AdvancedTCA carrier board that holds four Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) along with several other features.        

The ATC133 10GbE Carrier features a 10G managed Layer 2 switch with a Xilinx® Virtex-7 FPGA.  It also has a Crossbar Switch (CBS) that allows any combination of backplane ports to be routed to the FPGA.  There are dual XAUI ports and dual GbE ports to each AMC slot. 

The on-board PowerPC runs Linux operating system, managing the switch, loading the FPGA image, and the CBS.  The carrier also routes up to 280W to the four full-size single or two double AMC modules.

VadaTech offers AdvancedTCA systems, chassis, RTMs, carriers, switches, processors and specialty test products.   The company also provides MicroTCA chassis, power modules, JSMs, and over 200 AdvancedMCs of various types. 

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