New 4kW variable frequency AC power supply

Telonic Instruments, Kikusui”s UK Distributor have recently introduced to the UK market the new PCR4000M 4kW Variable Frequency AC Power Supply to compliment their line up of high quality frequency converters.

Kikusui’s PCR500M, PCR1000M, PCR2000M and PCR4000M are compact, 500VA/1000/2000VA/4000VA Variable Frequency (40-500Hz) AC Power Supplies.


Applications Include:

Avionics Testing

400Hz 115VAC for seating, Cabin Electronics and Audio Visual Products.

World Wide Voltage and Frequency.

115V 60Hz, 230V 50Hz and so on.

Lighting Applications.

Measuring Power Factor on LED lighting.

Power Adapter Testing.

Testing Mobile, Phone adapter, Plug Adapters and Computer Adapters at different Voltage and Frequency levels to simulated real world power conditions

Pre Compliance Testing

The new Frequency Converters are crammed full of features including AC, DC and AC+DC output, memory function, current limit and selectable start phase.


You can measure the voltage, current and power of the AC and DC output. Apparent power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor and current peak hold.

The Frequency Converters are equipped with an RS-232C interface and comes complete with control/logging software as standard.

Telonic Instruments Ltd

Tel: 0118 9786911

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