New 3D MID prototyping service

Modern electronic equipment typically requires that the circuit must be accommodated within the limited space of a housing or enclosure. When conventional PCBs (2D) are no longer suitable, the switch to three-dimensional (3D) circuit carriers optimises the use of the available space.

For production quantities, the circuit carriers are manufactured by injection moulding. To produce prototype quantities using an injection moulding process is much too expensive. As a cost effective alternative, Beta LAYOUT now produces 3D-MID – (3 Dimensional Mechatronic Intergrated Devices).

The PCB-POOL services specialist – Beta LAYOUT produces the prototype plastic circuit carriers by 3D printing, which are then coated with a special varnish. Using laser direct structuring (LDS), the circuit pattern structures such as the interconnections are defined; the laser also activates the pre-varnished 3D printed model which allows for the parts to be metallised. The assembly of the 3D-MID is then performed and completed in-house.

Beta LAYOUT can manufacture 3D-MID prototypes with a maximum size of 300 mm x 200 mm x 25 mm. Placement of electronic components is also possible. The minimum contact spacing is (pitch): 0.65 mm, the minimum trace width is 0.3 mm and the minimum gap between traces (pitch) is 0.3 mm.

For further information and to receive a price quotation please visit the company’s website.



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