New 15.6 inch Full HD TFT panel from Review Display Systems.

RDS is pleased to announce the new 15.6 inch full HD (1920×1080) TFT panel from NLT/Tianma. The screen is built using NLT’s unique SFT (Super Fine Technology), providing vibrant colour, wide viewing angles, crisp clean images with a wide colour gamut. NLT/Tianma screens have an excellent build quality, the screen is bright (400 cd/m2) and has a built in LED driver with LVDS or eDP interfaces.  This panel represents excellent value for money and is available now from RDS.

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Introducing the 15.6 inch Full HD TFT from NLT/Tianma and RDS

RDS is proud to announce the availability of the new 15.6 inch full HD TFT screen from NLT/Tianma (NL192108AC18-01D). This unique panel from NLT offers full HD resolution (1920×1080) and with NLT’s unique SFT (Super Fine Technology) the panel provides bright, vibrant colour with high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles (IPS). The panel has options for LVDS or eDP, has a bright 400 cd/m2 backlight and built in LED driver. This makes the panel excellent value for money, robust and feature rich.

General Description and Features

The NL192108AC18-01D is composed of the amorphous silicon thin film transistor liquid crystal display (a-Si TFT LCD) panel structure with driver LSI’s for driving the TFT array and backlight. The unit has an overall size of 363.8 (w) x 215.9 (h) and only 6.3mm (d) with a viewing display area of 344.16mm x 193.59mm. The panel operates from 3.3V supply at 400cd/m2 output.

  • Ultra-wide view angle (IPS).
  • High contrast (750:1).
  • Wide colour gamut.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • LVDS or eDP interface.
  • 8 bit digital signals for data RGB.
  • Narrow frame.
  • LED backlight, built in LED driver.

Full HD is becoming the standard resolution for good quality displays and coupled with the bright built-in backlight, this unit is great value and excellent quality.

Typical uses for this panel are digital signage, industrial and medical machinery and devices where space and budgets are tight.

NLT/Tianma has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality panels with long operation and manufacturing lifespan. This panel is an excellent choice for any project that requires full HD at a sensible price.

Review display systems is a supplier of a large range of NLT/Tianma LCD TFT panels, please contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements. Full technical details are available from RDS on request.

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