New “intelligent” power converters provide flexibility required for Marine Electronics

To operate marine electronics and communication devices, power converters such as inverters, battery chargers and power supplies are often installed to convert available DC or AC to the appropriate power outputs required.


Complicating matters, both the power source (DC in varying voltages from battery banks and AC from generators or shore power) and the outputs (voltage, frequency, etc.) can vary for each piece of equipment. So much so, that finding the ideal converter can be difficult and often requires a customised solution.


Fortunately, digital signal processing (DSP) technology has significantly simplified the process. Unlike analog converters, which require board-level component modifications to alter function or features, DSP-based models can be programmed to accommodate a range of input and output parameters.


By doing so, digital converters can be programmed to accommodate varying international AC power standards, market-preferred or custom battery voltage input/outputs and a multitude of safety settings. These adjustments, and even firmware updates for the unit itself, can be made at any point in the product’s lifecycle, even after installation. 


This is allowing system designers and installers to choose from a simplified selection of models that can essentially be customised to meet the precise needs of each application.

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