Never lose your luggage in the airport again: Groundbreaking technologies to be on show at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

Intelligent solutions to reduce noise in cities, improve water management systems and better manage the process of baggage handling at airports will be demonstrated at the IoT Solutions World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona on 25-27 October.


The Testbed Area – the only dedicated area for real-world demonstrations of industrial IoT technologies at any conference – will contain 10 experimental platforms designed to implement new solutions and test them in real-life operating conditions.


The testbeds explore untried technologies or combinations of existing ones with the aim of creating ground-breaking products or techniques with the capacity to generate new international standards. The practical applications on show at the IoT Solutions World Congress will be coordinated and supervised by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).


The Smart Airline Baggage Management Testbed will show how General Electric, Oracle, Infosys and M2MI have created a solution to reduce baggage losses and damage in airports. The testbed merges various Internet of Things systems to localise and connect the handling, transport and management of baggage in airports. The goal is to reduce the figure of 23 million lost suitcases every year and cut the huge cost of compensation involved.


The Lisbon municipality of Odivelas, along with Fisonic and Fiware, will be presenting a continuous real-time noise monitoring system that identifies the noisiest locations and times of the day, emitting an alarm if it identifies the sound of weapons or traffic accidents and creating interactive ‘sound maps’ which can be used to implement policies that improve the standard of living in cities.


Telefónica will be presenting a project it is currently undertaking in Seville with Fiware which makes real-time measurements of the water quality in the city’s ornamental fountains, including chlorine and pH levels, temperature, pumping speed and even wind speed in order to either increase or reduce the height of the water jets accordingly, amongst other technical parameters. This system offers the chance to improve municipal services, increase operating efficiency and act with much more quickly compared to conventional manual controls.


The Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) takes place in Barcelona between 25-27 October and will see more than 160 exhibitors, 200 keynote speakers and in excess of 8,000 visitors.


The conference will bring together the world’s leading authorities and influencers in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and will see a number of keynote addresses, panel debates and discussions covering six key topic areas – Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Innovation & Technology and Business Transformation – will take place at IoTSWC.


Speakers include Derek O’Halloran (head of IT, World Economic Forum); Michael Raynor (director, Monitor Deloitte); and Sam George (director, Azure IoT, Microsoft), as well as dozens of industry leaders and decision-makers from businesses, academic institutions and think-tanks from around the world.

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