Nallatech launches 250 Series of NVMe Storage Acceleration Solutions

Nallatech, a Molex Company, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA solutions, announces availability of the 250 family of Accelerated Storage Solutions featuring Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA and MPSoC technology.

“FPGAs are being deployed across a range of on-premise storage platforms and cloud infrastructure to achieve a step-change in application performance and energy-efficiency,” said Craig Petrie, vice president business development of FPGA solutions at Nallatech. “Our collaboration with Xilinx has delivered a family of innovative storage products capable of accelerating common functions such as erasure coding, deduplication, encryption and compression. These products adhere to PCIe and U.2 form factors allowing them to be easily integrated into data centre infrastructure.”

“We’re pleased that Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs and MPSoCs are at the core of Nallatech’s new family of accelerated storage products,” said Manish Muthal, vice president of data centre business at Xilinx. “Packaging disruptive technology in this way allows customers to easily and rapidly deploy Xilinx solutions, and to take advantage of the dramatic benefits of Xilinx technology in a cost-effective manner.”

The Nallatech 250 series comprises of three core products:

250S+— A fully-programmable NIC-sized near-storage accelerator featuring a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA. This PCIe Gen 4-capable accelerator card can be added to PCIe or CAPI-enabled server platforms introducing an energy-efficient acceleration capability for applications including database acceleration, in-line compression/encryption, checkpoint restarting and burst buffer caching. The 250S+ is available with a choice of two configurations. The first provides up to four M.2 NMVe SSDs coupled on-card to the Xilinx FPGA. The second offers an innovative break-out option using OCuLink cabling to allow the 250S+ to be part of a massively scaled storage array.

250-U2— Adhering to the U.2 form factor, this fully-programmable accelerator features a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA and local DDR4 SDRAM memory. This energy-efficient, flexible compute node is intended to be deployed within conventional U.2 NVMe storage arrays (approximately 1:8 ratio) allowing FPGA-accelerated instances of erasure coding, deduplication and compression to boost overall system performance. The 250-U2 is available as a fully-programmable device for customers preferring to develop and deploy their own application codes.

250-SoC— The 250-SoC enables the creation of remote, disaggregated storage or Ethernet Just-a-Bunch-of-Flash (EJBOF) which dramatically reduces the storage cost, footprint and power within data centres. A Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC device featuring both FPGA fabric and 64-bit ARM processors coordinates data transfer between two 100GbE network ports, onboard DDR4 memory and a PCIe Gen 4 host interface. Optional OCuLink ports allow the NIC-sized accelerator to be part of a massively scaled storage array. The 250-SoC is available either fully-programmable or as a pre-programmed solution featuring Xilinx’s NVMe-over-Fabric IP. This optimized design implements the NVM Express-over-Fabrics protocol offload and RDMA NIC protocol. This turnkey solution provides reliable transport of NVMe frames with low latency, high throughput, and massive scalability to remote hosts.

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