Murata plans mass production of non-isolated DC-DC converter for electric scooter applications

Murata is to shortly commence mass production of a dual output non-isolated DC-DC converter designed specifically for electric scooter applications. The 200 Watt MPD7K046 converter accepts an input voltage in the range of +36 to + 60 VDC around a nominal +48 VDC.

The primary output provides +12 VDC at a continuous rating of 10 A, and up to 18 A peak current. The secondary output delivers a +5 VDC / 1 A supply that suits logic rails and as a USB supply. Energy efficiency is typically 95%.

Murata customer, Terra Motors, recently selected the MPD7K046 for its new A4000i electric scooter. The converter will enable power from the scooter’s battery to be used for auxiliary equipment such as headlights by stepping it down from +48 to +12 VDC.

Commenting Yasuyuki Morishima, Director of Power Device Products Division, Murata said, “We are very pleased to have our converter adopted by Terra Motores based on its reliability, small size, and high efficiency. In coming years, we will continue to develop power modules for automobiles as well as two- and three-wheeled vehicles, as we further expand beyond our core markets into emerging markets in order to meet the needs of a wider range of customers.”

Mass production of the converter will commence in February 2014.


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