Murata looks to help improve production efficiencies with narrow pitch tape MLCCs

Murata has begun the mass production of EIA 2012 2.0 x 1.25 mm size monolithic ceramic capacitors using a 2 mm spacing of narrow pitch embossed tape. Compared to the previous 4 mm tape pitch that held 10,000 pieces, the new tape holds double the quantity not only being more eco-friendly, but also requiring less reel changes on the pick and place assembly machine.

The EIA 2012 capacitor size and their large capacitance values are popular in many types of consumer electronics appliances, and are used in fairly large quantities. For example, a typical flat screen television may use approximately 650 chip capacitors; of these 20% use the EIA 2012 format. In manufacturing terms this means that using the old tape pitch the reel would need to be changed every 75 televisions made. With the increased reel capacity it now only needs to be changed every 150 televisions manufactured, improving the efficiency of the production line and reducing costs.

In addition, manufacturers require less storage space within their warehouse for MLCC component stock and, for a given production quantity, there is less packaging waste to dispose of. Apart from adjusting production machinery settings to accommodate the new tape spacing, there are no additional machine tool costs the manufacturer needs to incur to take advantage of this new tape pitch.


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