Murata extends auto qualified MLCC lineup

Murata has made two new additions to its line-up of AEC-Q200 qualified multi layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) which are aimed at automotive applications. The RCE and RHE series are radial leaded MLCCs that fully conform to the automotive environmental stress test requirement AEC-Q200 and conducted surge pulse immunity specification ISO7637-2.

The RCE series comprises capacitors in the range 1 pF to 22 uF and working voltage from 25 to 1 kV. Operating temperature range is up to 125 degrees C.

With an operating temperature up to 150 degrees C the RHE series devices are available with 50 – 100 VDC working voltage and capacitance values from 100pf to 10 uF. In addition, the RHE series is guaranteed to operate in temperatures up to 170 degrees C for 100 hours when a temperature mission profile is agreed with Murata in advance.

Both series are aimed at high frequency EMI noise suppression in an X/Y filter arrangement. Engine Control Units (ECUs) are very susceptible to high frequency EMI and filters are used to significantly reduce the impact of EMI on the engine control functions. Typical applications for the RHE and RCE series would include use on DC motors as increasingly used in modern vehicles. Examples for the RHE series include electric throttle control (ETC), turbocharger and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and idle stop/start (ISS). For the RCE series examples include windscreen wiper, window lift and electric sun roof motors.


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