Murata develops first surface mount ultrasonic sensor

Murata has developed a surface-mount device (SMD)-type ultrasonic sensor and the product will be manufactured by Hakui Murata Manufacturing, with production starting in summer 2014. Constructed in an ultra low profile package measuring just 5.2 x 5.2 mm and 1.15 mm thick, the MA40H1S-R series is capable of delivering up to 100 dB sound pressure at 40 kHz.

Operating voltage is 6 Vp-p and the sensor has a -6dB full angle beam of 80 degrees.

Through the use of an exclusive structural design, including the ceramic element, Murata Manufacturing has succeeded in developing what it believes to be the world’s first surface-mount device (SMD)-type ultrasonic sensor. Since it is a surface-mount device (SMD), the new sensor requires minimal mounting space, and it enables improved functionality for distance measurement and position detection through the use of ultrasonic waves.

Typical applications include distance measurement, position detection and 3D gesture detection in portable equipment.


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