Murata collaborates with Beta LAYOUT to deliver UHF Passive RFID starter kit

One reader antenna is designed for standard applications where the detection range is up to several metres. The loop antenna is provided for use in hidden applications such as for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Using the kit allows engineers to trial the full versatility and flexibility of MAGICSTRAP RFID devices. Communication over short distances for individual tag connections can be experienced as well as bulk reading of MAGICSTRAP based PCB tags as necessary in logistics processes. Typical applications for MAGICSTRAP RFID include any type of electronics application such as mobile phones, industrial control, consumer electronics and test & measurement equipment.

Alexander Schmoldt, Business Development Manager, Murata Europe said, “The combination of Beta LAYOUT’s customer service and their rapid prototyping services makes them a perfect partner for Murata. They have a large pan-European customer base and are a perfect partner for us to deploy our RFID technology into the electronics manufacturing and supply chain across Europe.”

Commenting Arne Hofmann, CEO Beta LAYOUT, said “Finally it is possible to use RFID on and in a PCB. Our solution to embed the MAGICSTRAP in a PCB (patent pending) is not something far away in the future but available here and now. Aside from selling it as a service and product to our customers, we will also use it to improve our own processes. We are just at the beginning of a very exciting cooperation.”

Murata Europe

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