Multitest high voltage contactors: proven solutions for automotive test applications

Multitest’s customised high voltage contacting solutions have been well accepted for volume production. Multitest received a significantly increased order volume from automotive customers for its Blue Line Cantilever Technology sockets: nano Kelvin, Dura Kelvin, and Econ. Multitest high voltage contactors have proven best performance for reliable high voltage tests at full specification values.

To optimise the contactors’ performance for high voltage testing, the Multitest Interface Product Group leveraged drew from decades of own experience in high voltage testing, as well as, synergies with the Multitest Handler Group. The sockets and also some of the change kit parts of the handler are designed based on the voltage requirements of the device. Frank Roehrl, project manager, explains: “The critical factor is the distance of the high voltage pin to ground and/or between the contact springs. Our kit and contactors are designed to support high voltage test as well as partial discharge test, by using specific materials and design features.”

To ensure best test performance, Multitest cooperated with specialised high voltage or partial discharge tester companies. The solutions are successfully deployed for a voltage range from 1 kV up to 8 kV, as well as customized solutions for partial discharge tests.

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