Multi-Touch PCT technology allows simultaneous analysis of up to 40 contact points

Zytronic’s Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT) which currently permits up to 40 independent contact points to be analysed simultaneously on displays of up to 216 cm (85“), is to be introduced by MSC Technologies at this year”s embedded world, to be held later this month in Nuremberg.

This multi-touch technology developed by Zytronic is based on the ZXY200 and forthcoming ZXY300 touch controllers and a robust scalable touch sensor. As with all the company’s projected capacitive touch solutions, the multi-touch variant uses a matrix of copper electrodes of 10 µm in diameter which are located in impact and scratch-proof glass laminate of several millimeter thickness. A palm rejection function differentiates between deliberate and erroneous contact with the touch panel. The sensor even works when wet, dirty or touched with gloves, which considerably extends the application area of this professional solution.

Customer-specific versions will also be provided in addition to the 38.1 cm (15“), 55.9 cm (22“), 81.3 cm (32“), 116.8 cm (46“), 139.7 cm (55“) and 208.3 cm (82“) standard solutions which are currently available. Zytronics’ proprietary process for applying the copper electrodes allows simple scaling of the multi-touch sensor solution and there are, in many cases, no additional NRE costs for the customer. Users can also access the controller firmware and adjust the sensitivity themselves. This allows the sensor to be precisely adjusted to the respective requirements of the system design.

The robust multi-touch solution is ready for immediate use with Microsoft‘s Windows 7 /Windows 8 operating systems plus Linux kernels 3.5.1 (10 touches) and 3.9.0 (40 touches).


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