Multi-channel wireless transmitter offers remote control of frequency channels

LPRS, a UK manufacturer of short-range radio devices, is making available the latest version of the CDP-TX-05MP-R compact size multi-channel transmitter module from Circuit Design. The new version features additional control pins for remote frequency channel control offering designers a more versatile solution. Applications for CDP wireless modules available from LPRS include; remote control devices, security and alarm systems, telemetry, monitoring and tracking systems.

CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-05M-R are low power narrow band FSK transmitter and receiver modules, designed for industrial applications operating at sub 1-GHz. The modules contain most of the components necessary for radio transmission in very compact packages. The RF channel is fixed but selectable within 4 preprogramed channels. The receiver is double-superhetrodyne and equipped with a SAW filter, ensuring high sensitivity and very good selectivity for stable and long range communication. The frequency table can be customized to meet the customer”s requirements.

The new CDP-TX-05MP-R transmitter has additional connection pins JP1 and JP2 allowing frequency setting to be performed remotely. Both 434MHz and 869MHz band versions of the existing CDP-TX-05M-R are now available, however the new programmable CDP-TX-05MP-R is only available in the 434MHz band version. The CDP-TX-05MP-R will work with the 434MHz band version of the CDP-RX-05M-R.

Key features of the new CDP-TX-05MP-R transmitter family include; 4 pre-programmed RF channels at 434 MHz, RF output of 10mW at 434MHz or 5mW at 869 MHz, PLL controlled VCO, data rate 100 to 4800 bps FSK, double superhetrodyne receiver, sensitivity -120 dBm (434 MHz) and -116 dBm (869 MHz), R&TTE (EN 300 220) approved and RoHS compliant, wide operating temperature from -20 to +65ºC, power requirements of 2.2 V 21mA (TX) 3V 28mA (RX) and very compact sized transmitter 22x12x6 mm.



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