MTA: A touch display for Volvo XC90 SUV

MTA SpA, a leading company in the design and production of electromechanical and electronic products supplied to the main OEMs, has recently announced the beginning of a collaboration with Volvo. This regards the supply of a display for the four-seater Excellence variant of Volvo XC90 SUV, the first car born from the common development platform called SPA (Scalable Product Architecture).


The product for Volvo is a display with capacitive sensor, a 4,3” touchscreen, developed in house through the use of OS Autosar R4.X, a process standard used in software development and Automotive Spice Level 3, a process model for software lifecycle, both of them tailored to automotive needs.


The display developed by MTA is pulled-down in the central console of the car and can handle several functions, such as displaying and adjusting the different seating positions, operating their heating, the lumbar massage, and more. This display can also turn on the food warmer and the refrigerator of this highly equipped car. The touchscreen display for Volvo was developed from the ground up and put into production in just one year, allowing the company to comply with the timing of the OEM’s assembly lines.


The display is the first that MTA creates for Volvo, and the company will offer derivates of it in the future for other cars of this important brand.


This supply to Volvo is further evidence of the strong growth of MTA in automotive electronics, so much that the displays developed by the company are today used in many applications, not only in the automotive but also in agricultural and earth-moving sectors, globally.

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