MSC Technologies announced availability of a new wide format TFT LCD module

MSC Technologies has announced the availability of a wide-format TFT LCD module (NL13676BC25-03F) from NLT Technologies. The new product’s key features include typical brightness of 1100 cd/m², a contrast ratio of 900:1 and a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.

These characteristics make it suitable for use in industrial applications, particularly outdoors. Images and text are easy to view and read on the NL13676BC25-03F. Even in unfavourable lighting conditions, the display’s optical qualities are significantly better than average.

The display diagonal is 39.5cm (15.6”) and features a resolution of 1366×768 pixels on a display area of 344.2mm (H) x 193.5mm (V). Its external dimensions measure 363.8mm (W) x 215.9mm (H) x 12.65mm (D). This makes the NL13676BC25-03F the largest display in the NLT High Bright product range. It is especially suited to applications requiring a multifunction display to show various types of information and data simultaneously on a single display.


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