Mouser stocking first round LED from Luminus Devices

Mouser Electronics is stocking the world’s first round LED, the CBT-140 Big Chip Round LEDs from Luminus Devices. This new round emitting aperture has been developed to provide the most efficient match for circular optical systems and narrow beam projectors.

Luminus Devices CBT-140 Big Chip Round LEDs & Modules are suitable for applications defined by a circular aperture. Such optical architectures, previously mismatched with a traditional square LED, can now be updated with round LEDs which better match the application. These Big Chip Round LEDs & Modules increase system-level efficiency by as much as 30%, enabling customers to use a single LED to replace a 250W HID lamp and they are expected to help accelerate the adoption of solid-state technology by displacing conventional light sources in high brightness lighting applications.

Markets and applications that will benefit from Luminus” round LED technology include medical, machine vision, portable, and retail spot lighting. For example, in fibre coupled lighting systems the fibre is round, the optic is round, but the LED has always been square. This has now been resolved with the round LED breakthrough that will enable users to replace the 300W Xenon lamp in an application like endoscopy.


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