Mouser stocking Cree’s smallest lighting-class XLamp XQ-B & XQ-D LEDs

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the new XLamp XQ-B and XQ-D LEDs from Cree, the company’s smallest lighting-class LEDs. The XLamp XQ-B and XQ-D LEDs are able to deliver lighting-class reliability and a wider spread of light than typical plastic packages.

The LEDs are built on Cree”s revolutionary SC3 Technology Platform, and are able to deliver a combination of small size, reliability, and novel light distribution. This combination of features will enable the next generation of designs for applications that require broader light distribution, such as omni-directional lamps and fixtures.

The XQ LEDs are Cree”s smallest lighting-class LEDs at just 1.6 x 1.6mm, 57% smaller than Cree”s XLamp XB package. The ceramic-based XQ LEDs deliver reliability comparable to Cree”s other ceramic high-power LEDs, such as the high-performing XP or XT LEDs.

The XQ LED also features an innovative light-emission pattern where more light is directed to the sides than straight out of the package. Compared to standard LEDs, XQ LEDs allow the use of fewer LEDs to achieve a wide, distributed light pattern. Together, these innovations enable manufacturers to increase the light output, reliability, and omni-directionality of their designs.


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