Mouser now shipping the Cypress EZ-BLE PRoC module, a complete Bluetooth solution

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module from Cypress. This programmable, SMT-ready, fully certified Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module eliminates RF hardware design and reduces investment by eliminating the certification process. The integration and small footprint of the CYBLE-022001-00 make it ideal for medical, home entertainment, and computing applications.

The Cypress CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip (PRoC) module, available from Mouser Electronics, is a 48 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 solution with 128 KBytes of flash, 16 KBytes of SRAM, and a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It features two integrated crystals, an onboard chip antenna, and a programmable architecture that supports a number of peripheral functions (such as ADC, timers, counters, and PWM) and serial communication protocols (including I2C, UART, and SPI). The 10mm × 10mm × 1.8mm module provides up to 16 GPIOs, configurable as open drain high/low, pull-up/pull-down, Hi-Z, or strong output. The module also includes Cypress’s CapSense capacitive touch-sensing technology and is supported by PSoC Creator integrated development environment.

The CYBLE-022001-00 module includes a royalty-free stack compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 specifications. Designers can use the EZ-BLE PRoC Evaluation Boardfor enhanced development and testing, including access to project examples to speed prototyping. The evaluation board can be used standalone with an external programmer like the CY8CKIT-002 MiniProg3 or plugged into the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit for easy prototyping.


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