Mouser now offering easy product search by images

Mouser Electronics, constantly improving how customers can browse and search for products, announces a new way to visually find and select the right products on its industry-leading website, With a few simple clicks, Mouser customers can now find product information via Images, as well as by Datasheets or by Newest Products — in addition to searching for products through the site’s parametric Product Search. The Images tab at is the newest gateway to Mouser’s extensive product library, containing tens of thousands of photos.


“The new Images tab lets customers browse by using any search or navigation function,” said Hayne Shumate, Mouser’s senior vice president of Internet Business. “Engineers and buyers can now group and fluidly browse images using the search and filter methods that they already know.”


Customers can easily switch from a product list to an image list, filtering by specific product groups and browsing the relevant images by product category. For example, Mouser’s website has many thousands of images of connectors. With this new feature, a customer can filter to something as specific as “4-pin Circular Metric Connectors” and then click on the Images tab to see the 98 images of only these products. By clicking an image, customers can see availability, price, configuration options and more details that can greatly help when searching for an appropriate part without having a part number at the start.


With this new expanded functionality, customers can browse products and narrow product information on their own terms in ways they’ve never been able to before. Whether searching products, product categories or product types, customers can take advantage of Mouser’s new options to easily review additional information to discover and make their selections with flexibility and speed.


The additional product information on functions much like an enhanced digital catalog, grouping content in four easy-to-access tabs that incorporate search and display options to minimise the number of clicks. To learn about the new ways to browse and search products and product information, including Mouser’s industry-first datasheet grouping, visit


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