Mouser and Imahara interview space technology systems expert Teledyne Brown Engineering

Mouser Electronics, the global authorised distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, has revealed the last set of Innovation Spotlight interviews as part of the Space Exploration Series and Empowering Innovation TogetherT program with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara.

For the final interviews, Grant Imahara brings in Teledyne Brown Engineering, working for the last six decades in engineered systems and advanced manufacturing of complex space technology systems for space exploration.

Culminating on the Innovation Spotlight interviews with Astrobotic, Bobak Ferdowsi (aka Mohawk Guy), and Mars One, Imahara wraps up his exposé on space technology with John Horack, VP of Commercial Space Imaging at Teledyne Brown Engineering, who is responsible for overseeing a portion of the company’s government and commercial space programs. Hear from John about what he feels is currently being done to advance innovation in space exploration and about the launch vehicle designed to take humans to destinations in deep space, including Mars. His years of experience leading some of the world’s most renowned programs and his point-of-view are insightful and bring an interesting perspective to space exploration.

Teledyne has a decades-long history of involvement in critical space programs that date back to rocket development and America’s first satellite in the 1950s. They have been involved in essentially every major NASA space initiative since the agency’s inception, designing, building, and integrating precision systems that operate in the most unforgiving environments. The Teledyne Brown Engineering Innovation Spotlight interview is available only at

“Teledyne Brown Engineering has created projects for NASA and the U.S. military, as well as commercial and international space sectors,” said Grant Imahara. “From their work on the Saturn and Apollo programs back in the 1960s to their current work on NASA’s new Space Launch System, these guys continue to lead the way in driving innovation for the space industry and space community.”

The new Space Exploration Series is part of the Empowering Innovation Together program – a way that Mouser and Grant Imahara are connecting engineers through innovation and creativity that defines engineering design.

In addition, the series will be supported with new Innovation Hub technical articles and videos, a Space Challenge sponsored by both Mouser and Astrobotic Technology, asking “What technology, whether real or envisioned by you, do you feel represents today’s world?” To learn more visit the Empowering Innovation Together website. The Empowering Innovation Together Space Exploration Series is sponsored by Platinum Sponsor Microsemi and Diamond Sponsors Vishay Intertechnology and Phoenix Contact.


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