Mount PCBs quickly, simply and securely with Card Loks

For applications that place particularly high demands on resistance to shock and vibration, such as the defence systems and the aerospace industry, Pentair is now offering various types of Calmark Card Loks from the Schroff brand.

In addition to securing the PCB and dissipating heat, these Card Loks offer significant advantages in assembly and maintenance, reducing system down times and maintenance costs.

Torque-limiting Card Loks are fitted using an ordinary hex key. A patented engagement mechanism automatically ensures precise tightening torque and eliminates the need for a torque wrench. In addition, errors such as under-tightening or over-tightening are prevented. It also means that a module does not need to be taken to the workshop if maintenance or repair is required, but instead can be replaced or calibrated on site. As a result, system down times are reduced considerably. Schroff Calmark Card Loks can be removed and refitted at any time.

Torque-limiting Card Loks are available in both imperial and metric formats. In addition, various surface coatings are available, including anodized black and nickel-plated. To ensure maximum safety, each individual Card Lok is subjected to an extensive testing program. These products are also tested to the MIL 810 specification. Detailed test reports are available online for download.


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