Motion Compensated Standards Conversion On Demand From InSync Technology and Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service

InSync Technology and Dalet today announced a new service offering — FrameFormer motion compensated frame rate conversion on demand via the industry leading Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service SaaS solution.

Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service is a SaaS based, high quality media processing service with robust media packaging and distribution capabilities for post production and broadcast workflows. The solution includes every feature from the on-premises version of Dalet AmberFin, with tools beyond simple media conversions, ensuring media professionals have access to image scaling, standards conversions, cut/splice, caption conversion, audio normalization, localization versioning, IMF creation and submission, and HDR conversions. Unique among elastic cloud transcoders, Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service can be accessed via a public cloud managed service environment or deployed as a scalable container based service inside a customer’s existing private cloud infrastructure.

Frame rate conversion is an essential requirement for any content owner wanting to monetize material domestically and internationally. A high quality, motion compensated standards converter is the only solution for handling the multiple formats and frame rates needed for content distribution. With integration of FrameFormer from InSync Technology, top quality, motion compensated standards conversion is now available within the Dalet AmberFin SaaS solution.

“FrameFormer is becoming a popular choice for on-demand standards conversion. Customers have told us that FrameFormer delivers superior results for all types of content, from sub-QCIF up to 8K and beyond,” said Managing Director of InSync Technology Paola Hobson.

“Dalet finds that InSync’s FrameFormer technology provides best in class, motion compensated standards conversion for SD/HD/UHD content at a price/performance ratio that is unmatched in the industry,” said Eric Carson, Director of Dalet AmberFin Product Strategy.

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