Morgan Advanced Materials launches next generation fully watertight wheel balancing transducer

Materials company Morgan Advanced Materials has launched its next generation standard wheel balancing transducer, featuring a range of value-adding capabilities. The device offers the automotive sector dynamic force measurement, ease of installation, quality and reliability.

Manufactured with wheel balancing equipment in mind, the product range can also be used in automotive applications such as measuring the force exerted on the brake pedal during brake tests, and as a rotor balancing sensor.

The transducer is a ‘best-in-class’ design which encompasses new features to make the product fully watertight. It incorporates fully potted contact terminations and a four-pin, one way watertight connector. The new sensor comprises an Ø4.3mm OD unit and 1m long cable – able to withstand the demands of harsh environments such as garage workshops – together with a cable jacket which ensures excellent oil, solvent and fuel resistance. The maximum operating temperature for the cable is 70°C and, for the connector, 85°C. Both products can function at temperatures as low as -40°C.

The company’s design engineers can adjust the architecture and material of the sensor to suit specific applications, and customisation can be made to cable type, cable length and connector type. Morgan can also provide the new transducer with exposed connectors or with cable and connector.

Oksana Jaroszak of Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “Accurate wheel balancing is essential to optimising performance and safety in a variety of automotive and other industrial applications. Our latest product range offers enhanced robustness and functionality, enabling it to provide rapid and accurate measurement in highly demanding environments.”

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