Molex microSD/micro-SIM Combo connector comes in more compact size

Molex Incorporated has introduced the microSD/micro-SIM combo connector, which has been designed to provide mobile device manufacturers with a highly versatile connector that offers a lower profile and more compact size than competitive products.

The push-pull, normal-mount combo connector, which features a 2.28 mm height with detect switch, saves space by combining two card functions in one. This eliminates the need for an extra sub-PCB. The connector accepts cards that are stacked in the same direction, which provides easier access and a more optimum PCB layout.  The result is a combo connector with the lowest height and most compact size in the market.

“Finding the best combination of space savings and easy access when designing-in microSD and micro-SIM cards has been a problem for mobile device designers,” said DongWook Kim, global product manager, Molex. “Up until now, they had to either take up space for each card socket, or use a flex-to-board PCB to accommodate both form factors. The Molex microSD/micro-SIM combo connector solves this problem by providing substantial space savings while also providing easy card access. In addition, this new design reduces manufacturing, assembly and component costs.”

Features of the microSD/micro-SIM combo connector include:

  • Free insertion and withdrawal of the microSD card, which eliminates the need to turn off power or remove the battery.
  • Anti-stubbing contact terminal design, which prevents contact stubbing and ensures smooth insertion and withdrawal of cards.
  • Card polarisation features, which prevent incorrect card insertion
  • Anti-card sticking design, which prevents microSD card from being stuck in case of incorrect insertion into the micro-SIM slot.

With the introduction of the Molex microSD/micro-SIM, mobile device designers have a combo connector that offers an overall volume space savings of up to 15% compared to competitive products.



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