Molex Media Connectivity Modules bring state-of-the-art data, audio and video to aircraft cabins

Molex Incorporated new Media Connectivity Module (MCM) solution brings easy access to high-speed data, audio and video connections for the aircraft cabin industry.  The MCMs can be quickly and cost-effectively designed and supplied with high-level custom options including full I/O integration, passive and active PCB routing and mechanical enclosure design.

“Today’s advanced inflight entertainment systems offer passengers a similar experience to what they would expect in their living rooms or in their cars,” explained Patrick Fontenelle, Business Development Manager IPD, Molex Incorporated. “Not only do some airlines provide a large touchscreen at every seat, they offer broadband internet, mobile phone services, and even live TV. Our expertise in meeting the design challenges of the connected passenger has enabled us to create a flexible, technologically advanced solution tailored to meet an engineer’s specific requirements.”

The Molex MCM solution accommodates multiple connection types such as USB, HDMI, IEEE 1394, Ethernet, SD memory cards, auxiliary jack inputs, power chargers and more to meet end-system requirements. The power supply and media-bus architecture can be designed to adapt to customers’ existing application requirements, thereby eliminating or reducing the need for application redesign.

Molex also offers comprehensive testing and product validation support, including electrical, mechanical, environmental, EMI, ESD and signal integrity evaluations. The MCM is a complete manufacturing solution, which includes surface-mount or through-hole PCB assembly, final assembly and testing and PPAP (Production Parts Approval Process).


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