Molex launches online Polymicro Technologies Capillary Configurator tool

Molex Incorporated has launched a Polymicro Technologies Capillary Configurator design program to help with the selection of simple to complex capillary tubing products. The online Capillary Configurator guides will help users to identify and submit product specifications and application parameters, which are reviewed by Polymicro’s technical team.

“Molex’s Polymicro Technologies subsidiary manufactures high quality fused silica and specialty quartz capillary tubing products,” said Joe Macomber, product manager. “From gas chromatography to capillary electrophoresis, nanofluidics to genomics, the new Capillary Configurator will offer easier online selection of Polymicro standard and custom capillary products with strict adherence to specifications for unmatched reproducibility in a broad range of applications.”

Polymicro capillary tubing is manufactured across a range of internal diameters, from less than 1 µm to over 2,000 µm. A staple in laboratories for scientific, medical and pharmaceutical analysis, Polymicro capillary tubing products range from standard polyimide-coated flexible fused silica, uncoated thick-walled fused silica or natural quartz, as well as custom designs to meet specific application requirements.

The Capillary Configurator provides a step-by-step guide through intuitive data entry screens, where the user specifies desired capillary type, product series, diameter, overall length, quantities from a few millimetres to bulk coils, windows and end face options, including precision cutting and cleaving processes. Configurator users have the option to download a drawing or sketch with their request for a quote.

“Customers may use the Capillary Configurator for simple tasks such as requesting pricing of off-the-shelf standard products. However, it was also designed to allow a user to efficiently submit a request for quotation for rapid prototyping, project planning or long-term budgeting. The Capillary Configurator is designed to accommodate virtually any Polymicro capillary product ranging from standard capillary to complex, multi-capillary assemblies and everything in between,” adds Macomber.


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