Molex launches Nano-Fit power connectors

Molex has introduced Nano-Fit Power Connectors, which provide terminal protection with the smallest fully isolated terminal power connector in the market. In addition, keying options ensure proper mating and a terminal position assurance (TPA) feature virtually eliminates terminal backout.


“Power-application customers are often faced with the dilemma of deciding between headers with exposed terminals that may damage connectors, and large, fully isolated headers that take up too much space,” said Trent Perkins, group product manager, Molex. “Compact Nano-Fit Power Connectors offer a better solution by providing design engineers with fully protected header terminals in a 2.5mm pitch package.”


When using multiple headers with the same circuit size on one PCB, assembly becomes complicated due to possible mis-mating of a receptacle to the wrong header. Perkins noted that, with their different mechanical keying options, Compact Nano-Fit Power Connectors help designers reduce the risk of cross mating while improving assembly speed with multiple colour and mechanical keying options.


Other important features of the fully isolated connectors include:

·      Up to 69 per cent smaller in the X-axis than competitive products

·      2.50mm pitch

·      Ultra-low mate force terminals

·      Optional TPA retainer

·      Small size and 6.5A current rating are ideal for power or signal applications


In assembly operations, the connectors’ ultra-low mate force terminal reduces operator fatigue and improves assembly compliance for high-circuit applications. The positive-lock housing with anti-snag design ensures mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage. The connectors provide an audible click during mating operations.

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