Molex debuts next generation prewired LED array holder technology

Molex Incorporated has released details about an innovative LED Array Holding concept for LED lighting manufacturers using chip-on-board technology. The optics can now be placed much closer to the LED which not only boosts light output but enhances the quality of the light emitted.

“The key design challenge for high performance LED accent lighting luminaires is to get secondary optics very close to the light emitting surface of the LED. Any reduction in the distance between the LED and the optics results in tighter beam control and higher luminous efficacy. First-generation LED COB holders have enabled many applications, using reasonably low profile heights, but the new Molex Prewired LED holder takes it a step further, reducing the height of the holder by optimising the whole contact system,” explained Dave Rios, New Product Development Manager, Molex SSL.

“As a result, optics can be placed much closer to the LED, with a positive effect on both the quality of light as well as the light output. The height profile is now limited primarily by the thickness of the wire selected. Plus, the holder body is made from a highly reflective white coloured moulding material to further enhance light output.”

With the Molex Prewired Holder concept, the wires no longer need to be inserted at the holder during assembly – they are an integral part of the holder, providing maximum wire-to-holder retention forces. The wire free ends can be stripped, tinned or terminated with another connector, such as a Molex Micro-Fit or Mizu P25. The new holders come with an LED pre-load feature that allows seating of the LED before final assembly. This reduces assembly time and prevents quality issues caused by misalignment. The new compact system also allows flexibility in footprint size—from small, space-saving diameters to 50mm Zhaga-type or larger—with a wide range of optical attach possibilities.

“The Prewired Holder concept reduces the height of our holders to 3mm or less while keeping the ability to hold an LED COB reliably in place for the many years of operation. The optics-friendly top surface, minimal height, pre-load feature and excellent wire retention are just some of the key features that allow Molex Prewired holders to enable optimal light output, easy assembly and reliable operation,” adds Dave Rios.



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