Molex CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System rated for 10,000 mating cycles

Molex introduces the hermaphroditic CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System designed for secure high-mating cycle connections. The CyClone connector modules offer 10,000 mating cycles for extreme durability in telecommunications, networking, consumer and industrial electronics.


“Many of our customers manufacture products that require more frequent removal of electronic modules for periodic maintenance or access to internal modules. Excess mating and unmating can jeopardise existing connections and potentially lead to total system failure,” explains Randy Tan, product manager, Molex. “The robust CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System provides the right solution with a cost-effective and innovative design to withstand the rigours of high-mating cycles.”


Hermaphroditic CyClone connectors are ideal for applications requiring frequent mating between parts such as copiers, printers, networking hubs and servers, and automation and industrial machinery. Incorporating proven SL wire-to-wire receptacle technology, the CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System creates a panel-mounted solution for secure connector retention. The positive-lock SL housing ensures retention even in high-vibration environments by fastening the SL receptacle housing securely inside the CyClone – creating a panel-mount, high-mating-cycle solution.


The CyClone connector system increases operational efficiency and reduces customer inventories for added cost savings. This ensures compatibility and mate-ability with no changeover of different application tooling setups, since the system uses only one preset applicator machine.


“Genderless CyClone connectors provide manufacturers with optimal design flexibility and compatibility, and provide superior performance for their customers. The robust design and high-mating cycle translate into reliable connector performance over multiple decades,” adds Tan.

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