Molex BiPass Cable Assemblies offer high-speed, high-density connections

Molex is rolling out its new BiPass I/O and Backplane Cable Assemblies, combining QSFP+, Impel or near-ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) connectors with thin twinax cables. The BiPass I/O and Backplane Assemblies provide a low-insertion-loss alternative to PCB traces capable of meeting 112 Gbps PAM-4 (pulse-amplitude modulation) protocol.


To meet today’s demanding industry requirements, datacentre and other customers designing TOR switches, routers and servers need high performance I/O and backplane connections. They must be capable of high bandwidth speeds and efficiency, while ensuring proper thermal management in densely packed circuits without sacrificing signal integrity. BiPass Assemblies provide terminated I/O ports that connect via twinax cables to high density, high performance near-ASIC connectors in order to maintain the highest level of signal integrity from ASICs to the I/O. BiPass Assemblies also use near-ASIC connectors with low stack height for a smaller footprint within trays and panels to overcome space constraints.


“BiPass Assemblies offer our customers a complete solution to enable 56 Gbps and 112 Gbps PAM-4 implementation by dramatically reducing signal to noise ratios from the ASIC to I/O,” said Brent Hatfield, new product development manager, Molex. “The integrated, one-piece design using board-mount connectors also ensures easy installation for contract manufacturers.”


BiPass I/O and Backplane Cable Assemblies are ideal for applications in several markets, including data communications as well as telecom and networking. Assemblies are thoroughly tested, eliminating the need for customers to conduct their own tests. They can be easily customised to individual front panel configurations, according to the needs of specific applications.

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