Modelithics Models available for AVX’s low profile 0402 MLO inductor series

AVX Corporation is making available a new Modelithics Models for its 0402 tight tolerance, high current, and high Q multilayer organic (MLO) inductor series. Part-value sensitive, substrate scalable, and fully integrated with a range of software applications (including Agilent ADS, Genesys, and AWR Microwave Office), the latest additions to AVX’s Modelithics Component Model Library allow design engineers to accurately simulate the performance of its HL, HLC, and HLQ Series inductors.

Based on the company’s patented MLO technology, the inherently low profile HL, HLC, and HLQ Series inductors exhibit low parasitics, improved levels of heat dissipation and solderability, and are surface mountable and expansion matched to FR4 PCBs. Using fine line high density interconnect technology and incorporating very low loss organic materials, the series also exhibit tight tolerance control, high repeatability, high Q, and high stability over frequency, making them ideal for use in mobile communications, satellite, GPS, collision avoidance, matching network, and wireless LAN applications.

“Reliable, simulation-ready models like Modelithics Models save designers considerable amounts of time and money on new designs, so we strive to continually provide new models, as well as update existing ones, to better serve our customers,” said Larry Eisenberger, senior marketing application engineer at AVX. “The new Modelithics Models for our tight tolerance, high current, and high Q 0402 inductors will be particularly beneficial to RF and microwave designers.”

Rated for use in temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C, the 0402 HL, HLC, and HLQ Series MLO inductors exhibit high frequency performance and low DC resistance, as well as feature RoHS-compliant Sn finishes and tape and reel packaging. Additionally, all finished parts are 100% tested for electrical parameters and visual characteristics in accordance with JEDEC and MIL standards.


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